Unprepared Buy-To-Let Landlords Spend More Money Because They Fail To Plan Ahead

Unprepared Buy-To-Let Landlords Spend More Money Because They Fail To Plan Ahead

Unprepared Landlords Spend More Money Because They Fail To Plan Ahead

UK private rented sector landlords and property investors need to factor in repair costs into calculations and annual budgets in order to have a better understanding of the profit they are actually making from their investment property.

Rental properties will suffer wear and tear on fixtures and fittings over time, however many property investors who hold property and become landlords fail to adequately allow for rental property repairs or budgeting for essential maintenance costs when calculating the potential yield that they can get from an investment property.

Property investors and landlords should make use of the best landlord insurance deals they can find and plan for expensive repairs in advance, where possible, holding back enough funds to pay for unexpected repairs in a rental property.

Over time there will be damage to rental properties, electrical items can need immediate repair in order to be safe to use, windows can be broken affecting the security of the property, interior paintwork can get chipped and grouting between tiles can go mouldy, however such repairs would be difficult to claim on the insurance for.

Periodic inspections reveal minor problems that are cheap and easy to fix before they turn into major repairs that can empty bank accounts. It is how property investors deal with rental property maintenance issues that can really affect the profitability and even the viability of a rental property business. Keeping an eye on the overall state of the rental property can really save investors a great deal of money over time.

It’s not always easy to find trusted tradesmen to carry out repairs, research can be time consuming, miscellaneous or even unrealistic quotes for repairs put many investors off and poor quality workmanship are among the main concerns expressed by property investors.

Landlord insurance and a repair strategy that is practical and workable and conducting regular property inspections can save property investors and landlords time and a great deal of money.

Effective maintenance and repair plans help to keep good tenants living in rental properties for longer periods of time, because they feel that they are cared about, rather than protecting the asset that they live in.

Making sure the condition of the rental property is habitable has two main benefits, it keeps the tenant happy and loyal, and it also protects the value of the rental property should the investor wish to remortgage or even sell the property for profit.

This is what happens when people fail to plan ahead


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