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Advertise Your Property Business with MyPropertyPowerTeam

Advertise Your Property Business with MyPropertyPowerTeam

Many professional speakers at UK property networking events adopt the mantra that only the top 1% in business are the ones who are truly successful. Be they educators, business mentors or service providers. MyPropertyPowerTeam are no different. We set out to bring property investors and landlords the contacts, products and services they needed to pursue their business endeavours successfully.

Our websites and “Spotlight” have a combined readership of over 60,000 unique users every month, generating over half a million hits a month.*

Now, our efforts to build relationships with property people have been recognised by the popular professional business network, LinkedIn !

According to the latest figures released by the top professional social media platform, MyPropertyPowerTeam is firmly established within the top 1%!

Mike Clarke – MyPropertyPowerTeam has one of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012, in the top 1% of 200 Million users on just 1 professional social media site.

We always strive to play a unique part in the property investment and landlord community, and we try to connect to the best property people in the world to bring our readers the very best contacts to help them with their investments.

Recently, LinkedIn reached a new milestone: 200 million members. But this isn’t just our achievement to celebrate, it’s also yours because it is our readers, advertisers, contributors and unique web users that have enabled us to become professionally recognised within the successful top 1%.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all of you for being part of our property investment and landlord community, and we would appreciate your comments and suggestions on how you would like us to continue to develop and the type of content and service providers you want us to bring you.

Your property investment journey is a major part of our journey, because we want you to succeed with your property investments and will always endeavour to help you find the contacts, products and services to help you profit from property and we’re delighted and humbled when we hear how our readers are using our sites and social media presence to connect, learn, and find the business opportunities needed to stay ahead of the mass population.

We work each day focused on our shared mission of connecting property investors and landlords with the world’s top property professionals in order to make them more productive, successful and enable investors to profit from property.

Advertise with MyPropertyPowerTeam

Advertise with MyPropertyPowerTeam

To ALL Property Professionals – If you would like to get your sales message in front of MILLIONS of the right kind of people searching our site and social media profiles for products, services and companies to help them with their property investments, then please follow this link to see how we do it and then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our advertisers enjoy a healthy click through rate and all report an upturn in business enquiries and sales.

What is every sale worth to your business?

We can raise the profile of your company and its associated products and services for only a small cost compared to the amount of pro-active exposure we can provide for you across the world wide web.

We offer terrific value for money for the type of services and pro-active promotion that we provide.

Our very reasonable advertising pricing structure can be viewed here. Become part of our community and see your business grow!

* source:    Matrixstats

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