NLA Publishes Landlords At A Glance Guide To Voting

NLA Publishes Landlords At A Glance Guide To Voting

NLA Makes It Easier For Landlords To Vote
With At A Glance Guide To Main Political Party Manifestos

The National Landlords Association (NLA) have decided to make it a bit easier for floating landlord voters who may not have decided who they intend to vote for yet, by compiling a short at a glance guide to where each political party stands on key policies related to property ownership in the UK private rental sector and landlord life.
As we published on Spotlight yesterday, every political party have their own views on each of the following measures:

  • Rent Control
  • Longer Tenancies
  • Landlord Licensing
  • Landlords’ Register
  • Letting Agent Fees
  • Landlord Tax

Tomorrow is polling day in the UK (7th May), so if you haven’t already decided which of the political parties should get your vote as a landlord and business owner, the National Landlords Association has decided to make it a bit easier for floating landlord voters by compiling a helpful guide to where each of the main political parties stand on key landlord and property related policies.Rent Controls

  • Conservatives against implementing rent controls in the private rental sector (PRS)
  • Labour and the Green party are firmly in favour and the Liberal Democrats have said they also favour rent controls.

Longer Tenancies

  • Conservatives are against legislating in favour of longer tenancies.
  • Labour and the Green party are for it
  • Liberal Democrats are against legislation, but want to encourage longer tenancies if possible.

Landlords’ Register

  • Conservatives don’t want to implement a National Register for Landlords
  • Labour and the Green party do.
  • Liberal Democrats are in favour of the idea, but they think it should be voluntary as opposed to compulsory.

Landlord Licensing

  • Conservatives are against landlord licensing
  • Green party are in favour of the idea.
  • Labour and the Liberal Democrats are also against landlord licensing, but they have stressed that they think it is up to local authorities to decide.

Letting Agent Fees

  • Conservatives don’t want to ban letting agent fees because they say recent legislation now makes them more transparent.
  • Labour and the Green party want to ban letting agent fees, as do the Liberal Democrats if the current legislation hasn’t worked by 2016.

Landlord Tax

  • Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are against the abolition of landlord tax breaks
  • Labour and the Green party are in favour of it.

The NLA is a politically neutral organisation, dedicated to lobbying and working with all political parties on behalf of its members to achieve a fair legal and regulatory environment for landlord and tenant.

It is for NLA members (and non members) to decide personally how they should vote, because as an organisation the NLA do not endorse any political party. Instead the NLA look at each party’s policies and criticise or complement each on their merits alone, without political bias.

Because policy is more nuanced than for or against, the NLA have included a comment, e.g. on Liberal Democrat position on rent controls or Conservative position on three year tenancies

As housing is a devolved issue in Wales and Scotland, neither the SNP or Plaid Cymru included the PRS in their manifestos.  It is for this reason and this alone that we have not included the SNP or Plaid Cymru  in this guide.

The UKIP Manifesto contained barely any mentions to the PRS so the NLA genuinely do not know what they stand for.  There have been several reports of supposed support for longer term tenancies however nothing that can be corroborated.

Source: NLA

At A Glance Guide To Voting

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