Government Funding To Boost Shared Tenancies For Homeless

Government Funding To Boost Shared Tenancies For Homeless

£1 million Government funding boosts rental options for single homeless people

This week, Communities Minister Don Foster announced a cash boost of up to £1 Million (GBP) to support single homeless people providing access to shared tenancies within the UK private rental sector.

The funding is intended to help homeless people to find a safe and secure home in shared accommodation or Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) in private rented sector (PRS) properties.

Mr Foster allocated up to £800,000 (GBP) for homelessness charity Crisis to fund schemes to set up new shared tenancies for single homeless people within the UK’s private rented sector.

The minister also announced a further £230,000 (GBP) for the charity to continue its Private Rented Sector Access Programme, which works with local landlords to help vulnerable people find the homes they need in privately rented accommodation.

Mr Foster said:”No-one should have to face the frightening prospect of homelessness, and for many, particularly younger, single people, renting a room can be an affordable alternative to a flat or house. We want to ensure that option is widely available, which is why today we’ve provided Crisis with a million-pound boost, helping hundreds more vulnerable people into tenancies that work for them, and finding a way forward to make rented rooms a reality right across the country”.

Solutions For Shared Tenancies

Crisis have run the Private Rented Sector Access Scheme for the last 3 years, backed by almost £11 million (GBP) Government funding. The scheme has already helped more than 5,000 people find a home in the private rented sector, and by the end of March 2014, expects to have created as many as 8,000 new PRS tenants.

Mr Foster said that today’s new £800,000 (GBP) Sharing Solutions Programme is set to build on that success, helping vulnerable young people across the UK find a room in shared accommodation or Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) that they can afford.

The department expects to fund 8 schemes across the country, selected by competitive bids, which will work with local landlords to create more shared tenancies in rooms for rent in HMO’s, developing new affordable housing options for younger people who are homeless and have no family commitments.

The minister said the projects will also work with those facing the threat of homelessness, supporting them as they settle in with their new housemates.

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