TV Show 'Benefits Street' Stigmatising The LHA MarketTV Show ‘Benefits Street’ Stigmatising
The LHA Market

 Channel 4’s highly controversial ‘Benefits Street’ is stigmatising the LHA market and misrepresenting tenants according to Aki Ellahi, Director of and his statement has sparked a huge debate on PIN Academy, a private members forum. 

The heated debate also covers the fallout after Fergus Wilson, the Kent-based professional landlord, recently announced that he will no longer be accept benefit tenants due to increasing rent arrears. 

Many property investors feel that the Channel 4 docu-soap and the media rhetoric surrounding Mr Wilson’s decision are giving a heavily distorted impression of the UK’s LHA market, much to the chagrin of other property professionals. 

Aki Ellahi has stated that:“The current media rhetoric around tenants on benefits is stigmatising the LHA market and misrepresenting tenants, the vast majority of benefit tenants are not like this at all. I have currently 500 tenants on benefits and achieve a rent collection record of 100%.  Unfortunately in any market, there are bad apples and Channel 4 has searched for and found an unsympathetic example of unemployed people, portraying them in the worst possible light. The programme does not give an accurate reflection of the market – just compelling TV, for some. What’s more, Fergus Wilson’s attack on benefit tenants looks like no more than a calculated commercial move to take advantage of the swell of the immigrant market in Kent. If our borders weren’t so open to immigrants, would Mr Wilson be turning his back on the DSS market? Landlords that are refusing to take on benefit tenants are extremely short-sighted. The facts are that out of 30 LHA tenants, there will be one headache and out of every 100, there will be a big problem.  This is no different from professional tenants. Many landlords that are rejecting LHA tenants are citing Universal Credit as the reason.  The fear of Universal Credit is unfounded.  What landlords don’t realise is that it gives landlords the opportunity to have a direct relationship with the tenant on housing benefit, so any problems can be sorted quickly. Universal Credit puts LHA tenants on the same footing as private tenants. Both markets suffer from rent arrears and I would advise any landlord to use a Credit Union to collect rent.  My experience over the years has shown me that tenants do not want the hassle of dealing with housing benefit.  Although they understand that they need to apply for housing benefit, they prefer if the landlord or an agent, who can assist them with doing this on their behalf, as this has been the case for as long as l can remember.“ 

There are a number of property investors that appear to support Mr Ellahi’s sentiments, and there are a number who can’t understand the validity and so the debate rages on, if you want to read the comments in full or want to add your views then why not  join in with the debate and join the PIN Academy today

Join the PIN Academy Today and get together with like minded property people!

Join the PIN Academy Today and get together with like minded property people!

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