Peter Singh speaking at The PPSC in February this year

Peter Singh speaking at The PPSC in February this year

Multi-Let Success Strategy with Peter Singh

A House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) or Multi-Let is a particular type of property which is available from Estate Agents and Landlords.

A HMO is an exceptionally high cashflowing investment property!

The property is leased on a single let at a fixed monthly rental price, and then the rooms of the multi-let property are rented out individually to professional tenants.

Property investors can build a huge portfolio of these types of property by buying at discount and / or adding value by refurbishment, then refinancing the investment and replicating the process, time and time again.

There is a hitch with this type of property investment strategy though…

  • It can take a lot of money
  • It can take a lot of time
  • It is not readily scalable
  • Investors are at the mercy of the banks for money

Imagine if you could control an unlimited number of these super-cash flowing multi-let properties with no mortgage, no deposit and no credit checks…

Multi-Let Success Strategy with Peter SinghWell, this can be a reality, using an innovative property strategy called “Rent to Rent”. This property strategy completely removes the need to purchase the property in the first place and properties will normally require very little work in terms of refurbishment or furnishing.

Investors can achieve a much higher rental income from certain property types than property investors would otherwise be able to do, renting the property as a whole to a single family unit.


A 4 bedroom house might have a market rent of £1,000 pcm, when let to a single family. But when let as a multi-let HMO for £400 per room, the potential rent could be £1,600 — an increase of 60%!

Typically the normal costs involved would be:

1 month’s rent + months deposit + agent fees.

Property investors don’t need tens of thousands of pounds to start developing this strategy, they just need to know how to use it and that’s where the Multi-Let Success Strategy comes into effect

You can see the beauty and you wouldn’t need many of these in your portfolio to become financially free.

The difference between the rent you pay for the house and the rent your tenant pays you is your profit margin also known as CASHFLOW.

The cashflow can be as much as £1,000 (GBP), this is without even having to own the property.

How many of these properties would you like?

Discover the best way to achieve Multi-Let Success with Peter Singh

  • 24th – 25th August 2013
  • 5th – 6th October 2013

Gain a valuable insight into a profitable property investment strategy and replicate the exact process used by Peter that provide him with just under £8,000 per month from just 10 properties.

Multi-Let Success Strategy with Peter Singh

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