Landlords Can Do More To Retain Tenants

Landlords Can Do More To Retain Tenants

Helping Tenants Move Rental Property

There are occasions when landlords need to rise above expectations in order to retain good tenants, even if it means the landlord has to make some arrangements or do extra work.

When tenants request to end a tenancy so that they can move property, there are times when portfolio landlords are in a position to offer them a choice of alternative rental properties to choose from, rather than lose good tenants.

Tenants may want to move for a variety of reasons, including moving to a smaller property that costs less to rent and live in and run due to a change in their circumstances. Downsizing can be a daunting process for anyone because many decisions need to be made about what to take and how much furniture is needed.

In such circumstances it makes sense for the landlord to go above and beyond normal expectations and help the tenants as much as possible, after all if the tenants pay the rent every month without fail and have looked after and even improved the property they currently live in, they are very likely to repeat their actions, benefitting the landlord, so going the extra mile for them is good business.

One way for landlords to help tenants decide what furniture of their own they will be able to take to the new smaller rental property is for the landlord to provide them with an accurate plan of the property including measurements of the size of the rooms and they can then map out each room so that they can work out what will fit.

Landlords should also include the measurements of the property’s doorframes to make sure that the tenants will be able to get their furniture and belongings into the new rental property.

Tenants may need to disassemble some furniture in order to make it easier to relocate. Advise tenants to make a list of the essential items such as beds, sofa’s, TV’s etc and consider each item to decide where they will need it in the new house. For example, if there is a large amount of storage in the new rental property, tenants may decide that they will not need to take extra storage units such as cupboards and chests of drawers with them, leaving the landlord with a rental property full of furniture that they don’t need.

The time taken to clear out any unwanted items in rental properties costs the landlord money, as the property is not ready for new tenants.

If there is a lot of discarded furniture and rubbish, it is cost effective for the landlord to hire a van and dispose of the unwanted items and has a wide range of vehicles and services available at very reasonable rates.

Handy Hints For Tenants Moving Property

Tenants can pay the removal company to do some of their packing for them, many companies will bring their own boxes and pack items on the day of moving and this can really save time and additional stress, however there will be a charge for this service.

Dismantling furniture prior to moving can also save time and money because if the man with a van turns up and tenants are still fiddling away dismantling furniture it is wasting valuable and costly time.

Taking furniture to bits can be one of those things that is easily forgotten or neglected, but it will save on space in the van and therefore the number of journeys that will have to be made.

Landlords should insist that lofts and attics of rental properties are emptied and the contents placed in accessible rooms to prevent falling foul of removal company insurance clauses preventing them from accessing lofts and attics. Tenants should check with the removal company to see if this applies so they don’t face unexpected delays on moving day.

If the property is on narrow street that has lots of cars parked along it, or on a busy road, it may be worth the tenant or the landlord to arrange with neighbours to park on their property, if possible, or ask the removal company to provide a couple of small vans rather than one big one.

We hope that this information helps landlords keep hold of good tenants

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