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Benefit Cuts To Make 40,000 Homeless

PRS Landlords Urged Not To Refuse
Housing Benefit Tenants

Following the decision by UK mega landlord, Fergus Wilson to evict benefit tenants from his rental properties, a campaign group has called on landlords with rental properties in the private rental sector not to discriminate against tenants on benefits.

Dan Wilson Craw, a spokesperson for poverty charity ‘Priced Out’, said such action could make people who need benefits unwilling to claim them due to fear of losing their home, meaning they could fall further into poverty, stating: “This is just one symptom of a wider housing market that is simply not working in the consumer’s interests”. The charity chose to discuss the issue with the Guardian newspaper, after the broadsheet featured the announcement by Fergus Wilson, who owns around 1,000 rental properties in Kent, after he had taken a drastic course of action to evict all tenants claiming benefits and instructed his appointed letting agents not to accept any further applications from prospective tenants who receive housing benefits due to the high number of tenants claiming local housing allowance (LHA) who had fallen into rental arrears. Mr Wilson, stated that he prefers to rent to eastern European immigrants who are less likely to default on rental payments and had taken this course of action due to the high number of benefit tenants falling into rental arrears.

The controversial decision by one of the UK’s largest portfolio landlords reflects the uncertainty faced by many UK PRS landlords who are wary of the Government’s welfare reforms as many have previously had bad experiences when attempting to deal with the payments sections of local authorities.

John Paul - theLHAexpert and Head of The Castledene Group

John Paul – property author, portfoliuo landlord, professional letting agent, theLHAexpert and Head of The Castledene Group

Private rented sector landlords don’t need to fear housing tenants claiming benefits, they just need to manage their businesses a slightly different way, a solution that can be found in a book written by Mr John Paul, the head of the award winning specialist letting and property management company, The Castledene Group.

The Landlords Essential LHA Handbook was written to offer practical help and advice for UK private rental sector landlords who choose to rent property to tenants claiming benefits and contains a great deal of useful hints and tips to help landlords maximise LHA payments for rental property.

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How To Profit From LHA Tenants

How To Profit From LHA Tenants!

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