UK landlords are societies new favourite target for criticism

UK landlords are societies new favourite target for criticism

Everyone Appears To Be Taking A Pop At Landlords

I don’t think I am becoming paranoid but have you noticed that public attitude towards landlords has changed over the last couple of years?
I know opinion can be like the property cycle and generally rolls around, but have you spotted a few subtle and not so subtle digs being aimed at our profession?

Targeting the private rental sector and the landlords who provide tenants with much needed housing used to be the reserve of newspapers such as the Daily Mail, but now the derision is much more widespread.

It became obvious during the run up to the UK general election that all the political parties (with one noticeable exception) were targeting the private rented sector, with campaigners political manifesto’s promising reform and intending to tax the life out of landlords.

The exception to the rule was the Conservative party, who didn’t enter into the other political party’s campaigning rhetoric, instead they remained silent on PRS reform, only to introduce questionable legislation once they were elected into power.

Now it appears that landlords are under attack from all quarters, press, politicians, charities and now the latest attack is from a company who actually want landlords to use their products.

The latest series of “Direct Line” TV and radio adverts pushing landlord insurance and featuring Harvey Kietel as “Winston Wolf”, who first calls a new landlord a “wise guy” then gives the landlord a little information about why DL landlord insurance is so good then says that the landlord isn’t such a wise guy because he didn’t realise.

Or the other Direct Line advert where the landlord is painting the walls in a flat and “Winston Wolf” answers a question and makes reference to the landlord being a “prize plum”.

I don’t know if these adverts are supposed to be aimed at us landlords seeing as they are promoting landlord insurance, but to be derogatory towards the services we provide isn’t the message that they should be trying to get across. Just goes to show that all they want is our money!
Why are UK PRS landlords so hated? We are service providers who offer homes to people who don’t want to live in social housing and charge rent at the going market rate.

It seems that we are being punished for accepting the financial risk of owning multiple properties and renting them out because we have a forward thinking attitude.

What society seems to forget is that while tenants are entitled to Government hand outs and various benefits, we as property owners are not entitled to anything because we have property assets and business interests.

Seems a little one sided to me, what do you think?

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