New Proposals Could Critically Damage The Private Rented Sector In Wales

New Proposals Could Critically Damage The Private Rented Sector In Wales

New Proposals Could Be Costly For
Landlords With Properties In Wales

There Residential Landlords Association (RLA) have released alarming news that will cause major concern for landlords who own rental properties in Wales

Cardiff city council released two new consultations before Easter 2014,

  • Considerable change in planning guidance
  • The extension of additional licensing to Plasnewydd

Rent controls appear to be quite a crucial political issue and with another general election looming the RLA feel that it is imperative that the facts are understood by landlords with rental properties in Wales.RLA Director for Wales, Douglas Haig (pictured below right) outlines the Residential Landlords Association’s opposition to the implementation of such measures in Wales, as these proposals could sweep through the rest of the UK if they prove to be successful.
The recommended amendments to the Housing (Wales) Bill will require all landlords in Wales to be registered and licensed as well as seeking to increase overall property standards and not just management requirements.

Rent controls would critically damage
the private rented sector in Wales

RLA Director for Wales, Douglas Haig has hit out against proposals for the implementation of rent controls in Wales. Historically rent controls have not worked and Welsh politicians need to consider whether the proposals will actually help tenants as oppose to hurting them. Find out more on the Welsh News Hub. Read more…

The RLA want to know what you think about proposals and what more the RLA can do to help support private landlords in Wales. Get involved and comment below to give us an idea about your thoughts on the matter. Read more…

Cardiff Council Want Special Planning Guidance 

Cardiff city council are currently consulting on the introduction of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) to limit the number of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) and restrict proposed property conversions into flats in and around Cardiff.

If the council are successful, it will effectively limit the creation of seven-or-more bedroom HMO’s and restrict the subdivision of houses into apartments Read more

Cardiff  Council Want Consultation On Additional Licensing In Plasnewydd

Cardiff City Council are also considering the introduction of additional licensing for Plasneqydd and Gabalfa.

The RLA are urging members and impacted private rented sector landlords to respond to give the council a true reflection of sentiments on proposals.

Individual responses from landlords will provide a convincing basis for councillors to have to reconsider proposals.

Landlords with properties in Wales can respond to the survey by clicking here; However, please be aware that the questions are very leading.

If landlords would like more details on how to write to Cardiff councillors…Click Here

Housing Bill Wales:
Welsh Agent and Landlord Licensing Scheme (WALLS)

The current draft wording of the Housing Bill (Wales) intends to licence and register all landlords with rental properties in Wales.

This will require training and regular continued personal development (CPD) in order to maintain the licence.

While the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has been lobbying against this, 2 political parties, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats did an about turn on their views in January this year and backed the government proposals that they had previously opposed. Read more

Representing private rented sector landlords and rental housing interests in Wales is important…the larger the outcry from represented landlords, the more likely it will be that the Government are forced to listen to arguments against the proposal of rent controls and mandatory licensing.

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