Mark I’Anson – Dominate Your Ground 

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I'Anson

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I’Anson

Dominate Your Ground” is the revolutionary new book from Mark I’Anson, the renowned investment property trader, trainer and coach. 

Dominate Your Ground” details highly innovative techniques, all designed to dramatically improve your wealth opportunities through successful UK residential property trading and investments. 

Learn how to effectively and profitably set up as a property trader, learn the business from the start, source the RIGHT below market value properties, convert and close deals, all from one of the country’s leading authorities on the subject.  

This book is a MUST read for anyone who has a genuine interest in trading in property and wants to realise an un-rivalled level of profit from property!

Whatever your investment objectives or financial situation, Dominate Your Groundwill guide you effortlessly through the process of sourcing those key residential properties that will provide sound investment opportunities and ultimately a highly desirable yield!  

Released in April – The book contains a wealth of unique information on how you can develop effective property trading and marketing techniques, gain new sales leads, successfully convert those leads and maximise your revenue potential. 

You will be provided with a comprehensive solution on how to build an enviable portfolio of residential properties in your own area.  The advice detailed is completely unbiased and independent so you can be rest assured that valuable information such as capital growth and estimated rental values perfectly suits your needs in building a profitable property investment portfolio and becoming a great property trader.   

So, in short if you’re struggling with how to generate and covert profitable sales leads from property transactions in your area, this book will provide you with all the solutions you need. 

Special Offer! 

There will be an initial limited print run of 200 copies during April,

priced at just £19.99

Within this initial 200 you will also receive £100 off a personal mentoring day!   

Simply click on this link to reserve your copy and have it sent directly to you:—reserve-a-copy-for-april—mppt-offer

But hurry, these initial copies will get reserved very quickly!

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I'Anson

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I’Anson

Reserve your copy of Dominate Your Ground and vastly improve your property conversion rates. 

If you answer ‘Yes’ to the questions below then Dominate Your Groundis the book for you … 

  • Would you like to increase YOUR wealth?
  • Would you like to start or build YOUR property portfolio?
  • Are you planning for the future for YOU and your family?
  • Would you like an extra income stream?
  • Do YOU want to be a good property trader?

All the key information and knowledge you need in one book. Make your money work harder and smarter and enjoy a vastly improved level of income and wealth.

About Mark I’Anson

Mark is a highly experienced property trader, public speaker, best selling author, coach, property investor and good friend of MyPropertyPowerTeam.
Mark regularly holds a range of seminars and training events, where he shares his extensive knowledge and experience at helping people to realise their property investment objectives. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced property investor Mark’s events will provide you with invaluable knowledge on the key facets of buying and selling residential properties and more importantly … How to maximise your profits! 

If you’d like some personalised mentoring, please drop him an email stating that you have read about him on MPPT: 

So don’t delay, reserve your copy of Dominate Your Groundnow and take advantage of the special offer.

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