Housing Minister Wants Crackdown On Rogue Landlords

Housing Minister Wants Crackdown On Rogue Landlords

Government Want New Measures To Tackle Rogue Landlords

Government housing minister, Kris Hopkins, has stressed the need for a fairer, more flexible private rented sector, and wants to raise standards of all rental property conditions and he intends to root out rogue landlords.

The housing minister wants PRS landlords and their tenants to offer their views on what else the Government can do to tackle the problems in the UK’s private rented sector, and what action needs to be taken to further boost the growth of the sector.

In particular, Mr Hopkins wants tenant and landlord views on a variety of new initiatives and safety measures including:

  • Tackling retaliatory evictions where a minority of PRS landlords evict tenants for requesting repairs to the property
  • Requiring landlords to repay rent where they have rented out a property that proves to have serious defects or hazards to tenants health, or where landlords have evicted a tenant illegally
  • Making landlords responsible for improving safety measures in rental properties, such as fitting hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and periodic electrical safety checks

The UK Government has already introduced an array of new guidelines, including providing local authorities with over £6.5 Million (GBP) to root out and prosecute rogue landlords in their areas.However, 83% of tenants are happy with the services provided by private rented sector landlords, so Government ministers are determined to ensure that good landlords are not affected by new measures intended to tackle rogue landlords.

Mr Hopkins said: “Tenants have a right to live in properties that are safe. But the reputation of the UK private rented sector is being tarnished by a tiny minority of poor operators who flout the rules and offer sub-standard rental accommodation. We’ve already provided over £6.5 Million (GBP) to local authorities to deal with the problem in their area, but I want to see what more we can do to root out rogue landlords, while ensuring good landlords who obey the rules are able to rent out their quality homes free from red tape.”

The intentions of Government may be good, but it requires all UK landlords to raise their own standards in order to highlight the rogue operators within the private rented sector. Introducing additional legislation may restrict what good landlords can offer, but it will help the regulation of the sector.

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