HMO's And Options For Acquiring Property With Jim Haliburton

HMO’s And Options For Acquiring Property With Jim Haliburton

Free HMO Training With The HMO Daddy 

The HMO Daddy – Jim Haliburton, is recording a free webinar training session for you, packed with solid content with real ‘meat’ from his paid workshops – all for FREE!

If you haven’t registered your interest for Jim Haliburton’s online HMO Options training yet, then – Register Here!

Jim Haliburton is not known as the ‘HMO Daddy’ for nothing, as he has spent over two decades learning and perfecting his HMO property investment strategy to acquire a rental property portfolio of over 110+ houses (it’s not easy keeping track when you have that many.)

Jim then went on to write the best selling HMO property investment manual known as THE ‘HMO Bible’.

Many of the big property investing names that you may have heard of that are around today have learned some great information and skills from Jim as well.
So, let me ask you…

Do you want to learn the hard and more expensive way, only learning from your own mistakes or would you rather get real insight into property investment provided by someone who has been there and already done that, someone who can give real meaning to the hints and tips that they are prepared to share, someone who many property investors feel is the best UK HMO property expert?

During Jim’s free webinar training you will learn:

  • Why You Must Convert Properties to HMO’s
  • Types of Tenants That Rent HMO’s
  • Example of an Average 2/3 Bed Terrace House Converted to a 6-bed HMO
  • 3 BIG HMO Myths
  • 6 BIGGER Reasons to Become a HMO Landlord
  • How Jim Acquired a 22-Bed Mega HMO!!
  • AND… The Truth About Getting ‘Properties For Nothing!’

That’s a LOT of valuable information that Jim is going to pack into that online training and to make it easier to remember he’s also going to include a workbook for you to make notes.

Jim’s been working on this content filled course for a while and we’re glad we were one of the lucky few to find out about it first.

So we’re sharing this with you and all we can say is…
Register NOW to take advantage of this opportunity!

Here’s the link:


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