HMO Secrets WorkshopThe HMO Secrets Workshop is presented by Matthew Moody, one of the leading authorities on HMO’s in the UK.

The HMO Secrets Workshop teaches property investors the 7-step system that allowed Matthew to become financially free by the age of 31 and to have managed over 500 units and taken over £16.5 Million (GBP) pounds worth of HMO’s in just 18 months.

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On The HMO Secrets Workshop investors will learn how to

  • Correctly identify an area of high demand

  • Ensure the right property type is purchased

  • Budget professionally for the purchase and refurbishment

  • Use the right marketing to get your property known

  • Prepare the property the right way that guarantees 50%+ conversion rates

  • View a house so that no stone is left unturned in turning a “no” into a “yes”

  • Manage the property to minimize your time and maximize your profit

In order to succeed in the HMO market, you need to be following a proven 7-step system that has worked for hundreds of landlords.

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Join with Matthew to learn  how to improve your cashflow and make more money from property.

The next workshop is on March 23rd in Northampton

And Matthew will be running other HMO Secrets Workshops on the following dates:

Each day is a full one-day intensive event on how to make Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) run successfully for you as a business.

They will be followed up on the Sunday by a Creative Controls workshop where Matthew Moody will be showing people the latest creative strategies that they can use to control property including Lease Options (LO’s), Rent 2 Rent (R2R), DC, Joint Ventures (JV) etc.

There are special deals for people coming to both days.

If you are interested, you can register now by clicking here and following the instructions.

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