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Top property sourcer, trainer, property coach & author Mark I’Anson wants to help you on your property investment journey

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I'Anson

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I’Anson

Mark has designed a one day workshop which will help you find motivated sellers, convert these leads into property deals and then support you to either grow your own property investment portfolio or become a property sourcer. 

In the workshop Mark will take you through his straight forward process which enables you to maximise your property investment and business resources. He does this by focusing on one area for your properties which reduces your entry costs and get better results. 

Mark will work through this process together with you, which will enable you to tailor it to your needs. You will gain confidence in speaking to vendors ….. This day will also give you a range of transferable skills as the content can be used as a “bolt-on” with many other property investment strategies.

  • Are you starting out on your property journey?
  • Or part-way through?
  • Are you confused by all of the strategies out there?
  • Are you looking from some new ideas or just losing motivation?

Well, this workshop will help you gain new skills and confidence to be able to continue on your path to property investment success. 

So, why come on Mark’s workshop? 

Well, Mark has made all the mistakes in the past and wants to pass on his knowledge to you. When Mark started there were no property investment courses or workshops and now he teaches them, both for himself and for others such as Progressive Property and the Property Investors Network. 

Mark is renowned for telling it “like it is” with “no fluff and nonsense” – but that doesn’t mean “boring”…he can be quite bouncy too 🙂 

This workshop is so rich with content that we will probably have to have a working lunch. 

Mark has deliberately kept the group sizes small so that everyone has the chance to get their questions answered… and well, Mark is a doer, so, expect to be “doing” during the day. 

Mark wants to provide you with tremendous value for money, lots of content and interaction. So, if you think that the course isn’t right for you – if you decide at lunchtime that it’s not giving value for money, simply hand in your course materials then you can have your money back – no quibbles.

And this isn’t “value for money” because he want to upsell to you.. It is because he wants you to be able sell back all those property trades that you don’t want, to him 🙂 

Mark realises that you may be a busy person, and so, he has chosen two locations for the workshop – London and Birmingham..  and to make it even easier, the courses are at the weekend. 

Mark is passionate about property..  So, come along to this workshop for a fun, interactive, content rich day about property. 

All you have to do is click on the link below to find the next workshop close to you! 

Saturday 3rd August – Trading Property as a Business, London 


Sunday 4th August – Trading Property as a Business, Birmingham


Mark I'Anson on stage at the 2013 Property Super Conference at Wembley Stadium

Mark I’Anson on stage at the 2013 Property Super Conference at Wembley Stadium


Please let Mark know if you have been to one of his workshops before and want to attend as a refresher – of course, that’s free but Mark will need to inform the venue.

Saturday 3rd August – Trading Property as a Business, London 


Sunday 4th August – Trading Property as a Business, Birmingham



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  1. I have been meaning to build up my portfolio for quiet a long time now but with difficult times the buy to let mortgages seems to be a bit difficult. How to manage fiance when buying properties as u need a substantial amount with you for the deposit a bit confused really.

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