Fraud Warning Over London Short Let Flats

Fraud Warning Over London Short Let Flats

Landlord Discovers Bogus Company

London Short Let Flats
Trading From His Home Address

A warning has gone out to tenant and landlord consumers to beware of a fraudulent company trading as London Short Let Flats which is displaying a number of industry logos, including TPO and the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS).

The National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS) has posted a warning to consumers on its own website telling them to exercise extreme caution when dealing with the following websites:

NALS Chief Executive, Isobel Thomson told Property Industry Eye: “We reported the original site to Action Fraud and also to Trading Standards and have advised anyone contacting us about the site to also report their concerns to Action Fraud. We also wrote to the registered office address of Londonshortflats and sent it recorded delivery but the letter was refused.”

A spokesperson for the Tenancy Deposit Service also confirmed that the fraudulent website is using the TDS logo without consent or even being registered.

The fraudulent company only came to light after landlord, Martin McGrath, posted on the popular landlord forum, Property Tribes, to say that he had received a letter from TDS at his home address, informing him that London Short Let Flats was using the logo when not entitled.Mr McGrath had never heard of the company or their website and so rang TDS to be told that the firm was trading from his home address.

Mr McGrath said: “I phoned TDS and was informed that they had received several complaints from clients who had used the company and this led to them starting their investigation, which in turn led to the letter being sent to me. Doing my own research, I found the company’s website and on their ‘contact us’ tab they have used the name of a dormant company that I own and the dormant company’s registration number and my home address as their registered details. There is a contact number listed, which when called, goes straight to voicemail. I have reported the issue to Action Fraud as well as Trading Standards, but my concerns are obviously numerous. Not only is my dormant company name and company registration number being used fraudulently, but as that company is registered at my home address, I’m worried that it could affect my credit rating.”

On the London Short Let Flats website, it states that the business is run by “Short Let Estate Agents”.

Property Industry Eye have had little success in trying to make contact with the company or any of its employees.

If anyone is able to shed any light on this bogus company, please contact the editor of Property Industry Eye via email: or call: 01252 843566.

The NALS warning states that Consumers should exercise extreme caution in dealing with these websites. The misuse of the NALS logo has been reported to ActionFraud T: 0300 123 0404 Anyone with concerns about any of the above websites should also contact quoting Reference NFRC150200941767

The full NALS warning can be viewed here

The full post on Property Tribes is here

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