UK Landlords Need To Sign Up To Force The Government To Listen To Common Sense

UK Landlords Need To Sign Up To Force The Government To Listen To Common Sense

Under the next wave of welfare reforms, new rules set to be introduced next year, mean that the housing benefit allowance of the new Universal Credit system, will not be paid directly to landlords.

Instead the Government proposes that all payments will be paid directly to tenants, even if they are vulnerable or in arrears!

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This will not only expose the landlord to the threat of tenant rent default, it will increase financial pressure on all parties involved and the possibility of repossession proceedings if the rent is not passed over to the landlord.

The proposed welfare reforms will also increase the likelihood of landlords refusing to take any further applications from DSS/LHA/Housing Benefit tenants, in the future as well as bringing to an end existing tenancies, further increasing the pressure on local councils and housing associations, who under the same proposals, will also not be able to request direct payments for non paying tenants.

The Government needs to take on board UK landlords views, that tenants who receive housing benefit directly and who do NOT pay their rents are not financially responsible and therefore it should be allowed that rents can be paid directly to their respective landlord, when tenants are vulnerable or in arrears, as per the current rules.

Failure to take note of this common sense approach will cause more issues for the Government, Local Authorities, Homeless Charities, Tenants and Landlords.

This is a common sense and a logical solution for all concerned – Pay rent direct to landlords where it is needed please!

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Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

2 Responses to Direct Payments For Landlords – Please Sign The e-Petition

  1. Rakhi says:

    The government should listen to landlords, who are generally decent and do the fair thing. By not paying the rent directly to landlords when dealing with tennants that are not prepared to pay will have a knock on affect to mortgage companies who require their mortgage paid. Also this type of situation leads to court proceeding and is expensive for both tax payer and landlord when this can be avoided by common sense. The courts and the law is already on tennants side as the amount of procedures and waiting times can leave the landlord out of pocket. The government should be encouraging the private sector and placing more burden on the landlord will lead to a reduction of decent landlords who can help with the social housing problems.

    • Mike Clarke says:

      Well put Rakhi
      If only the government would listen…..
      Still thats what organisations like the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) and National Landlords Association (NLA) are for, they lobby on UK landlords behalf and have brought about some degree of change over the last few years. If only they had been consulted prior to thinking up the Universal Credit system, UK Buy-To-Let could be so much fairer and, from a landlords point of view, much better business!

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