The Scottish Government wants to give local authorities the power to impose a levy of up to 100% of the standard Council Tax charge.

The amount would vary depending on the council tax band and the extra percentage that each council decides to charge.

Based on current (2011/2012) charges, the owner of an empty £212,000 house in Edinburgh could be liable to pay an extra £2,338 in Council Tax.

The Government wants more people to report empty houses in their neighbourhood to their local councils.

With 22 local authorities already signed up to the website but the Government hopes to see all 32 get involved.

The Council Tax on Empty Homes and Housing Support Grant Bill proposals could apply to the current 25,000 properties which have been empty for more than six months and are liable to pay council tax.

If all local authorities decide to use the maximum powers, they could raise up to £30 million (GBP) per year from UK property.

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