UK Property Growth Cycle Has Already Started

Cash In On The UK Property Boom!

Cash In On The UK Property Boom!

Unless you are a professional property investor, you may not know that the next property growth cycle has already started and the media would have us believe that the UK will see another property boom!

The recent Budget put the property market back in the spotlight, while better mortgage deals have already been delivered by the Funding for Lending scheme (FLS). 

So now, thanks to the easing of the tough mortgage restrictions, UK residential property may be set for a historic run.

For the first time since the previous 2007 peak of the property market, millions of first-time buyers and owner occupiers will have the chance to purchase property without the ultra tough lending requirements and large deposits that have discouraged property purchasers for the last 5 years.

Cash In On The UK Property Boom!

Cash In On The UK Property Boom!

And according to the latest media reports, they’re likely to do that in droves.

So what does that mean for you as a property investor?

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  • UK property prices pushed up due to market activity?
  • Government intervention inflating a national property price bubble?
  • Difficulty in buying a reasonable priced residential property?
  • Discounts disappearing? (This is a big one…)
  • The beginning of the end?

So the BIG question is…

Is now the time to purchase as many cheap discounted properties as you can, before it’s too late?You see, a bull market won’t generally end until everyone is on board. And when everyone is on board…
A trickle will form. Then the trickle will become a stream. Eventually, the stream will become a river and finally a flood.

Then it will be time to watch out, because the down cycle will return. The masses will panic. Just as every bear market is followed by a bull market, every bull market is followed by a bear market.

Whether the Government’s financial schemes cause another boom-bust cycle, contrarian property investors will always go against the crowd at key (and highly profitable) turning points.

Professional property investors know that at certain stages of a property cycle money can be made while the majority of the public will be left sitting on their hands, scared to death.

And now is that time to take action! Before property prices rise

  • There is only a short window of “Enormous Opportunity” now before Private Investors start to get higher returns from banks.
  • There is only a short time left to purchase undervalued property assets using joint venture finance.
  • There is only a short timeframe where new buyers will wait for the Government’s Help-To-Buy scheme financial incentives to kick in, leaving a host of residential properties on the market now for smart property investors to snap up!

You see, property has long been sought after as a store of value:

  1. Unlike wheat, corn or rice, it is durable.
  2. Unlike artwork, it is divisible.
  3. Unlike lead or copper, it is convenient.
  4. Unlike paper, it possesses value in itself.
  5. Unlike aluminium or copper, the supply is greatly limited.

Property investors know that they should have at least a few properties in their portfolio, just as every driver should carry a spare tire in their car. It is not just a valuable commodity. It is a hedge against economic or political calamity.

Why are we screaming “Buy” right now? Because the relatively modest percentage decline in property has led to a route in buying opportunity. For the first time in a long time, now is the opportunity to buy property which is inexpensive relative to their traditional valuations and compared to what they will be next year.

That makes now an excellent time to pick up a few properties

If you as a property investor, understand what is coming, you could get very wealthy, starting this month!

If you are a property investor who doesn’t know what’s coming, then you could miss out on a perfect opportunity, because you didn’t take action.

This is not about getting rich quick, it’s more of a strategy to get very rich, slowly and sustainably!

Take action to discover the truth behind these doors, and why taking action now holds the key to Your retirement future.

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And don’t delay. These doors will soon unleash an event that will change property investing forever.

And this time, You can get in early – but only if you act right away.

We are not saying that property market is going to turn around next week or next month. The ‘when’ itself is almost totally unpredictable. But it will rally again.

And when it does, You’ll be glad You bought these properties so cheap using Joint venture finance.

This will always be Your opportunity. The trend will always be Your friend.

Don’t just sit there, waiting for things to unravel if You want to uncover a different way of financing deals You may never again have the chance to do and so many so easily

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