Last Ever Progressive Property Super Conference Leaves Investors Buzzing With Inspiration!

You may have been aware from some of our previous blog posts that there was a very special property event on at the weekend at Wembley Stadium and we wanted you to join us and share in the knowledge and passion alongside over 1000 like minded people interested in property investment, business and entrepreneurship.

Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

It was great to meet quite a few of our valued readers and subscribers, thanks for taking the time to come and say hello, we are delighted to hear that we have helped you on your property investment journey and that you value what we do. Thanks for that, it does make all the effort worthwhile and makes us determined to bring you even more value and useful content that we know you want.

From an investor, entrepreneurial and business point of view, it was great to hear moving, inspirational and motivational talks and presentations from real people with a story to tell and to discover those golden nuggets of practical and useful educational material from some very successful people at the top of their game!

The theme of the weekend was Education, Decision, Action and this property event certainly lived up to all the hype and  expectations with first class organisation, presentation and content. It left many exhausted due to the amount of useful stuff being put before them, at times there was an overwhelming amount to take in.

Valuable Information shared with over 1000 property investors

Valuable Information shared with over 1000 property investors

Neville Wright, Frank Bruno, Karren Brady, Simon Zutshi, Mark I’Anson, Jim Haliburton, Peter Hogan, Lauren Ratcliffe, Yvonne Emery, Simon Coulson, Trevor Cutmore and many others inspired the audiences and offered presentations that were of tremendous value to everyone, topped off with fantastic discounts on the products and services that they had to offer, traditional at any kind of large scale event. These special offers were added value to the information that they were sharing, not a pitch fest and there was never any pressure to buy they were just offered at the end of their presentations.

Rob Moore, Mark Homer and the Progressive team put together a fantastic line up of speakers for the whole weekend, keen to share their knowledge, as well as personally taking us into their confidence and showing us some of the stragtegies, tools and tactics they regularly use to purchase, control and profit from property. It was powerful stuff!

Daniel Wagner was a fantastic compare and host who broke the ice and kept things ticking along much to the chagrin of those of us who were busy doing business at the JV board (sorry Daniel), but the buzz began on arrival and the positiveness of the whole event still has us buzzing with ideas, excitement and rediscovered energy, a real tonic.

There were so many different topics covered at the PSC there are too many to list here right now but we will endeavour to bring you more in depth insights into individual presentations as the days pass.

For those of you who missed the last ever PPSC, I’m sorry that you did because I can honestly say you really have missed out on a truly spectacular large scale property event, the likes of which may never be repeated, and many thanks must go to Rob, Mark, Daniel, Penny and the rest of the Progressive team for reigniting the passion in the tired and battle weary property investors, inspiring the newbies who want to emulate other people’s success’ and re-educating those who may have missed a few important steps along the way!

Thank You !

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Property Super Conference Organisers Rob Moore & Mark Homer

Property Super Conference Organisers Rob Moore & Mark Homer


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