Buying Property At Auction Just Got Easier

Buying Property At Auction Just Got Easier

Buying Property Using Auction Finance

Many new investors are being inspired by TV programmes like “Homes Under The Hammer” on the BBC, and there are a number of ways for people to purchase properties cheaply, and the auction rooms are the best places to find some real property bargains.

Many property investors get tired of pounding the pavements in their local areas and scouring newspapers for great Below Market Value (BMV) property deals, only to lose out to first-time buyers who were quicker off the mark?

Some property investors tend to scoff at the idea of buying properties at auction, leaving a handful of knowledgeable, savvy investors to pocket the best deals.

Property auctions can be a real goldmine for property investors because many auction houses list properties out of their area, so the number of people bidding on them is low! That’s how some of the most unbelievable property deals are scooped up by amateur investors.

Buying properties at a property auction is a great way to grab a real bargain and a fantastic way for landlords and property investors to expand buy-to-let property portfolios without breaking the bank, using specialist finance products.Enable Finance are specialist finance brokers who work with professional landlords to provide an innovative property auction finance facility to help clients buy properties at auction with relative ease.

Fast Auction Finance Rates & Terms

3 Month Term 6 Month Term 9 Month Term 12 Month Term
0.75% per month 0.75% per month 0.99% per month 1.25% per month
70% Max LTV 70% Max LTV 70% Max LTV 70% Max LTV
3.00% Lenders Fee 2.00% Lenders Fee 2.00% Lenders Fee 1.00% Lenders Fee
No exit fee 2% exit fee 2% exit fee 1 month exit fee
Free Valuation Free Valuation Free Valuation Free Valuation

Enable Finance provide fast completion in line with auction house terms and conditions and all this can be achieved within 48 hours. 

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Property Auction Finance Product Criteria

  • For residential investments purchases made at auction
  • No credit impaired clients
  • LTV based on purchase price/valuation whichever is the lower.
  • 100% LTV available with supporting security
  • Loans below £40k subject to referral, maximum £250,000
  • Free valuation, no lender’s legal fees


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