New Research Shows Landlords Using Property To Provide For Retirement

Landlords and Buy-To-Let property investors are treating property portfolios as their retirement fund according to new research carried out by BDRC Continental.

Property Investors plan to use Buy-To-Let property as a pension fund

Property Investors plan to use Buy-To-Let property as a pension fund

The research showed

  • 80% of landlords see their property investments as their safety net for retirement.
  • 60% plan to live off the rental income they receive from their properties during their retirement.

 Landlords and investors were asked how they saw their buy to let investments helping in retirement:

  • 20% said they were planning to sell a few of their properties to generate a cash lump sum.
  • 5% said they intended to sell their entire portfolio
  • Almost 40% said the property market at the time would dictate whether they sold or not.

With pensions and annuity rates being at an all-time low it is little surprise that most landlords and property investors feel the buy to let market is a better investment than savings, bonds, shares and pensions.

Mark Long, director at BDRC Continental, commented, “Landlords consistently tell us that they see their property portfolio as forming a critical part of their pension provision for the future. On average, landlords intend to remain active in the rental sector for another 15 years or so, and see a combination of capital gains and rental income as underpinning their pension strategy.”

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