Last week saw the worst rioting in the UK since the 1980’s.

Whilst the unrest caused by the shooting of a man in the London borough of Tottenham sparked a civil disturbance that quickly spread to other parts of the nations capital, others saw an opportunity to jump on the band wagon sparking violent scenes as hundreds of youths went on the rampage through the streets of other major British cities including Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol, Wolverhampton and Birmingham where 3 men were callously run down while trying to protect their community.

Whilst the British public focus on the causality of the violence and the financial cost of the devastation that has tainted our cities, the rest of the world looks on as we clean up the smashed glass, burnt out cars and buildings, watching how severley we deal with those people that decided to ignore the law and attempt to devastate our communities.

With over 2000 arrests across the country the police and British legal system are fast tracking justice in an attempt to provide a swift punishment for those involved. The cost to repair the damage is expected to run into Billions of pounds (GBP)

Businesses with damaged or looted sites are able to claim back losses through insurance policies, resulting in increased premiums for everyone in years to come. However, it is not the same story for many homeowners and landlords with Buy-To-Let property in the affected locations.

Hidden in the small print of some UK domestic insurance policies and some landlord Buy-To-Let buildings insurance policies is a “get out” clause for liability.

Under what IS NOT covered, the phrase “ …riot, civil disturbance, violent disorder, strike or malicious acts”, will mean some UK home owners and landlords having to foot the bill for the repairs to property themselves.

Whilst the UK Government state they will back those affected by the trouble, it will do little in the short term for those who have lost everything.

£30 Million (GBP) of Government money will go to help those in need. £20 Million of this will be in the form of a high street support scheme, with the remaining £10 Million to be used as a recovery fund to help clean up the streets and damaged buildings across the country.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has launched a £50 Million (GBP) fund to make major improvements to the capital’s town centres and high streets damaged by the recent riots across the capital.

Mr Johnson said “We have always recognised the importance of improving London’s town centres and clearly after the destruction caused by the recent events across the city this is a bigger challenge than ever. That is why I am allocating £50 million to ensure that these areas are regenerated quickly and transformed into safe, attractive, vibrant and economically successful places to live, work and invest in”.

The riots could also have an indirect effect on the future UK economy, particularly as foreign companies or overseas developers may be reluctant to invest in London or other UK cities and may choose to take their construction projects elsewhere, in the fear of being vandalised by out-of-control youths.

It is only through excellent community spirit and co-operation that Britain is getting its house back in order.

If you own property in any of the affected areas and were fortunate to escape any major damage from the atrocities on our streets it may be advisable for insurance policy holders to check the specific wording of their insurance policies.

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3 Responses to Broken Britain?

  1. People can make a claim under the Riot (Damage) Act 1886 but they need to be quick. You have 14 days from the date of the damage.

    Even if you think you have insurance it would be prudent to make a claim to protect your position. You may find out you’re not covered after the deadline.

  2. Mike Clarke says:

    The scenes of violence and blatant disregard for the value of our society have been broadcast by the media to Billions of people across the world.

    They watch on as we clean up our streets and prosecute those involved.

    It is important that the UK legal system handles these trouble makers swiftly,effecively and without mercy.

    If you have any information that may help police with their enquiries please call Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555 111
    you can even pass on information about crime anonymously.

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