Are You An Ethical Property Investor?

Are You An Ethical Property Investor?

Is it really ethical to buy a property
Below Market Value (BMV) from a motivated seller?

This is a question that you may have asked yourself time and time again as there are certainly some property investors out there who don’t seem to act in a very ethical manner!

We believe that if you genuinely look to help the property seller and put them first then you could find an ethical solution to their problem that will make you money at the same time.

This is a very important concept to understand and get straight in your head if you want to be a really successful property investor who prefers dealing with motivated sellers face-to-face.

What does it mean to be an ethical property investor?

It means treating property sellers with respect and aim to conduct business fairly and having the courage to stand up for how you believe property investment should be done and not feathering your own nest.

For this very important reason we recommend you watch this short video that the founder of the Property Investors Network (PIN), Simon Zutshi, released last year.

Simon Zutshi is widely regarded as one of the UK’s top property investment educators and is in constant demand as an excellent motivational and informative speaker as well as being one of the property investment mentors in the UK

In this video Simon will share with you his ethical property investing blueprint.

You can watch the video now clicking at this link :

It costs nothing to view the video, there is nothing to sign up for or anything to buy, just the right balance of important information that can help property investors deal with motivated property sellers in an easy and ethical manner.

Keep checking back on Spotlight because very soon Simon will be posting on here with a special offer on his Property Investing Quick Start Program (PIQS) where he will also be teaching so look out for it!

The link to the free video content is

Here’s to your property investment success!

One Response to Are You An Ethical Property Investor?

  1. Property Patti says:

    How can buying something on the cheap be unethical??? If it is then we had all better boycot the pound shops.

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