UK HMO property expert Matthew Moody’s recent series of articles published by have created quite a stir among UK landlords and investors.

The articles: Thinking of Investing in a High Cashflowing HMO? and Thinking of Investing in a High Cashflowing HMO Part2 reveal an insight into Matthew’s own property projects to maximise cashflow from a single property by turning it into a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

The first article deals with the most important aspect of all projects the “Planning”, working out what will work for the property and the area that it is in.

There is a lot of work that goes into the planning of a successful HMO and nothing should be left to chance.

Part 2 concentrates on getting the conversion work on the property done, from sourcing materials to choosing the tradesmen who will do the work to the day to day project management.

Matthew has also written the best selling “HMO Survival Guide” for those who want to get started with HMO’s, including why HMO’s are the perfect property investment, effective management and how to make significant profits from HMO’s.

Imagine month after month, having dozens of deposits in your bank account, with almost no chasing the rent and little tenant support—ever. What an easy way to earn a living that would be! If you’re serious about your property business in 2011 get this report right now and read it today

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